WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2017 | 8:00AM

*cough* SO, you do know when I said I would post again tomorrow, I meant 58-days-later “tomorrow”, right? Ok phew. We understand each other.

I had attempted — as you may or may not have already read (if you haven’t, you can easily go back to my last post.. you know, the *only* other post on here) — to provide content across all possible exhausting social-media platforms in order to see if this would have any impact on my life or business, and report on here daily. As in everyday, daily.

Weeell, that fizzled out FAST. And I mean, less-than-twenty-four-hours fast.

I came up with this idea at night. Which, if you’re like me, are when all self-improvement ideas seem at their best and most rational. At night, I feel like the next morning, I will take over the world, make all these major changes and heavy moves come sunrise. When the time comes, however, my “morning-self” never seems to see eye-to-eye with my “night-self”. In fact, night-me and morning-me, rarely ever agree on anything. Whether night-me makes big plans for the next morning to start a cleanse (this is day 2 of a failed cleanse, btw), go to the gym, start work earlier etc., morning-me has something to say about it. Always. Even FUN things, these two can’t come to a consensus and just get along. Even when night-me has a bunch of drinks, stays up late for a fun out night with friends (fun!), morning-me, is like “WHAT DID YOU DO?!?”, all yelling and stuff, EVEN EARLIER than ambitious, night-me wanted to get up and be productive in the first place! Why the hell can’t these two just agree? On anything?

It seems the one possible micro-thing they might (*might*) agree on is taking things slow and not rushing into anything. What I mean is; when night-me sets baby-step sized goals, morning-me seems to have less of a problem with that. And that’s the point. We tend to want to make these major changes in our lives and make the biggest, most dramatic moves happen, like, now. Setting ourselves up for failure (or at least major resistance) time and again. SO, this is my new approach and attempt at getting night-me and morning-me to meet halfway; I am now going to set small, achievable goals, every day, and celebrate each small and achievable victory. Slowly but surely, results will appear. I hope. Example, rather than insist I post on here every day and feel like a failure the minute I don’t, I will set a goal to post, at a minimum, every Wednesday at 8am. Should I feel compelled to post more frequently, I will. That’s the beauty with self-imposed rules, you can self-impose bend them.

Go ahead, try it! Set yourself up for success today and set smaller, achievable goals in life, health, relationships and business and *teach* night-you and morning-you to just fucking get along.