TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017 | 8:00AM
Haaye. Trying out this posting thing. Another form of content! Because, content! Content! Content! This is the world we live in, Facebook, Facebook Live, Facebook Stories, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Messenger ‘My Day’, Instagram, Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, SnapChat, SnapChat Stories, Twitter, Youtube, LikedIn, Website, Website Blog, Podcasts, Reddit; and that’s not even all of them. It’s overwhelming. But this is the world we live in. Everybody is “building an empire”or “building a brand” and you must provide content! Content! Content! it’s exhausting! Everybody stop. Just Stop!

Unfortch, this won’t stop! So, to see if there are benefits — any benefit at all —  by utilizing any of these “tools”, I’m going to do one of these tired and hackneyed 30-day challenges to see if using all of the social media apps listed above and providing content in one form or another, everyday, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 24, will actually have any positive or negative effects on my life and business.

I will post all of the self-imposed rules and the details tomorrow on day 1 (this will count as my content for that day, btw, ps).

More Soon,