Beginnings – Julien Dionne – Digital Download [MP3]

Beginnings – Julien Dionne – Digital Download [MP3]


Comedian Julien Dionne’s second live stand up comedy album. 
  • Includes: MP3 [256 kBit/s] Digital Download (audio only), Album Artwork
  • Genre: Standup Comedy, Live, Mature Content
  • Runtime: 48:32 [178MB]

iOS, Kindle & Xbox Instructions:

Most devices can stream audio & video. Additionally, if you would like to download the shows on your iOS device, once purchased, open your email and download it to a computer and transfer or sync the file from there.



Beginnings is Julien Dionne’s second album. Recorded eight years into his career, after a full year of sobriety as a socio-experiment, Beginnings, marks the early stages of his comedy life. This album was recorded as a way to catalogue the material from this specific time.

Recorded live at The Empress Theatre in Moncton, New Brunswick, on December 19, 2014

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