Julien Dionne – Too Soon

Julien Dionne – Too Soon


Comedian Julien Dionne’s first live full-length stand up comedy album. 
  • Includes: MP3 [256 kBit/s] Digital Download (audio only), Album Artwork, Original Art by Matt Jackson [.jpg]
  • Genre: Standup Comedy, Live, Mature Content
  • Runtime: 38:04 [288MB]

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Too Soon is Julien Dionne’s first album. Recorded six years into stand up. Too Soon could also have been called “Green” “Brand New” or “Not Ready”. The material on Too Soon is that of which of a new comic wandering aimlessly trying to find an identity for himself and work through a body of work. Musicians develop for years behind the scenes before performing; whereas, comedians develop for years while performing. This is that.  Too Soon was recorded to document and move on from the material of the time and grow as a comedian.

Recorded live at The Kent Room (Crowne Plaza) in Moncton, New Brunswick, on June 23, 2012.