WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 2017 | 8:00AM

OoOooh, it’s you! Haaye youu.

It’s just past 7:00am and I’m currently on hold to get on air on Howard Stern. So, if I suddenly drop this post, you’ll know why. But I’ll be back, right quick. Hope you’ll wait. Anyway, I’ve already paced about 3 miles around the house. Eyeing the kitty litter as a backup measure (read: liquipoo[dot]com).

Are you like me, where your whole day gets derailed real easily? I’ll have big *cough* plans for the day, and the slightest thing will just end all of that in a titch (a titch is a short, fast measure of time. Real fast).

We all know, a collection of seagulls is a flock; but did you also know that a group of goats is also known as a flock? Right? We’ve all heard of a pride of lions, but did you know that you would say an ‘ambush’ of tigers if you were, well, ambushed by tigers?(that one’s an easy leap to make. No pun intended). A knot of toads, a doylt of swine (mm, bacon), a wisdom of wombats, a cohort of zebras, a scream of swifts, a cloud of grasshoppers (nightmare), a business of ferrets (Monday-Friday/9-5), a convocation of eagles. A lot of them I had never herd heard before. Do you know what they call a group of self-serving-content-conscious-viral-hopeful words? A blog.

There I go again, total derailment. Don’t even remember what my original post was to be about. Does all this qualify as content? Or should I start over? Yeah, I’ll start over.


Haye haye haaaye!
How’s your week? All good? Great! Good stuff. Awesome. Sweet. Um. Hey, did you know that a collective of ducks can be described as a plump? Cool-cool.